How Martin Heidegger and Donald Norman will change the world.

OK, I’m a happy camper!

I finally found a short, strong sentence that describes my work of the last year and a half. This morning I saw a Facebook post of an friend of mine who was reading a text about Martin Heidegger. It got me thinking about how my work could be described in Heidegger’s ‘vorhanden’ (present-at-hand) and ‘zuhanden’ (ready-to-hand) concepts, and in fact it is all quite simple.

To quote:

“I am working on a revolutionary new storage methodology that allows us to remove the ‘present-at-hand’ aspects of our personal digital data and make it more ‘ready-to-hand’. As far as I can see this is the final ingredient needed to make the transition from computers towards appliances as described by Donald A. Norman in ‘The Invisible computer’.”

More information can be found using the links below:

Martin Heidegger – vorhanden / zuhanden:
Donald A. Norman – The invisible computer:


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