Engineering our digital existence.

The video below contains an interesting perspective about the interaction between Big Data and Content Management.

Somewhere halfway Craig le Clair focuses on the importance of our personal data streams, and that’s exactly the part that I am missing in Big Data world:

“How are we going to cope with our ever expanding digital existence?”

In my humble opinion we really need to start thinking about this. According to Donald A. Norman we should design computing appliances (computers) to be as invisible as possible. However, the increasing amount of personal digital data created every day counteracts all usability and UX efforts taken in that direction. There is a maximum on the number of communication channels and information portals an individual can use in his life. When that maximum is exceeded computing loses its purpose and becomes a means at itself.

I like computers that are usable. Let’s not wait until their usage degrades, and start finding out how we should cope with influence of the Big Data paradigm shift on our digital lives. I’m convinced that the era is right for IXD (“Information Experience Design”) take its rightful place next to User Experience Design and usability engineering.

People/companies interested can contact me for further information. I’ve got some ideas about the steps/technologies needed to achieve this.

Just my two big data related pennies of today.


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