Improving the digital wasteland.

Just wondering.

Everyone is quite busy about humanity creating too much pollution. There are a lot of scenario’s that state that the world will become uninhabitable through our own doing. Sustainability, Green IT and a whole lot of other buzzwords pop up all over the place.

The idea that came into my mind was that we all produce quite a lot of digital waste. The size of our digital footprint grows each time we send and receive email, download files, make duplicates (and forget about them), post tweets, retweet and share.

No bad things when looked at individually. We have fun on our social networks and for a lot of social/economic facets of our society its even required to exchange/duplicate a lot of data. However, the way current computers and software applications operate does not cope well with this.

Wouldn’t it be great – or even time – to think about the fundamental aspects of our computing life and how we can alter them to better match our needs?

In other words I think it’s time we start reducing the enormous data duplication happening ‘all over the place’. This would drastically reduce the load on our computers, the world-wide-web and the server infrastructure it runs on. There is a huge possibility that this also improves our everyday life by dropping a lot of the complexities native to our digital consumer society.

This is one of the ideas I’m having that can be categorized under:

“Information eXperience Design” – The discipline of improving the user information consumption/production cycle.


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