String theory, holidays and reality levels.

On the plane back after a very relaxing holiday in Bali, I saw Stephen Hawkins ‘Grand Design’. Quite interesting to see how they manage to wrap advanced science into acceptable content that most people can comprehend. I’m not a theoretical physicist, but must admit I always get baffled on how amazing our world really is. String theory, the current ‘hot topic’ with which we hope to tie the smallest things we know to the largest things we know seems really great, and it is my hope that in time it will bring us a lot of new ideas and technology with which we can make the world a better place. For everyone.

However, as a philosopher that I also have some questions. Maybe someone with more thorough knowledge of the matter can clarify some of them for me. As many people I also am amazed with our world. Because of that, I cannot stop wondering how it all is tied together. But with the lack of the needed scientific knowledge, I can only think about it using my philosophical point of view. More than ten years ago, I started thinking about our reality, and the possibility of other realities. With reality I mean the things we as humans can see. Our bodies, objects, trees, sand, insects and such. With the tool we invent we can get a view on things that are much bigger or smaller than us. The solar system, the Milky Way, but also molecules, atoms and quarks. If I am not mistaking we are now (or maybe in the near future) even able to get a short peek on strings – The stuff everything is made of. As I see it, the things we people are able to see and comprehend got both bigger and smaller through history.

The biggest thing I am wondering about is if this pattern stops with the string theory. Isn’t there anything smaller than a string? Isn’t a string also composed out of other smaller elements that we just cannot see yet? Is the multiverse the biggest concept there is? Isn’t it possible there are multiverses instead of only one multiverse? If I would stick with the pattern that unraveled through history, I would say it just takes time until we find the correct theories (and technology to prove them) before we find even smaller and larger realities.

Also, I am not a mathematician, but isn’t this also the pattern we see in that scientific domain? There is no smallest number or largest number, it is just an infinite set of numbers from which our limited brain can only comprehend a small range of. As I think of it, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the concept of infinity stands in relation to string theory? Maybe this seems a bit weird, but is it still possible to have a concept of infinity if we limit existence with strings and a multiverse?

Another thing I was wondering about is the idea of life in other ‘reality levels’. With that I mean if it would be possible for life to exist on a much larger and/or smaller scale. Just like that we people have millions and millions of bacteria living inside us. Wouldn’t it be possible that we are bacteria in a being that exists out of solar systems? Or that the patterns in atoms and quarks someday seem to have behavioral properties, only not yet visible with our current level of technology?

Again bear in mind that I am not a theoretical physicist. Just a person that likes patterns and is wondering why life, the universe and everything exists.

That is it for today. We are descending which means I lose this great view of the world I am having at the moment.

Thanks for reading & back to reality.



One response to “String theory, holidays and reality levels.

  1. The ‘why’ question is a human and religion induced concept, and therefore meaningless in the broader scale. ‘How’ is much more interesting IMHO.

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